2012: Life and Blogging Year in Review

2012 was a good year for us. It began with our feet on an island in the middle of the Nile in Uganda,


it will end with those same friends on our own Canadian soil. In between we learned, we grew and adventured more than our fair share.


Some of us learned all the sounds that a vowel can make and our little girl softened around the edges, gained some logic and burned off her three-year old rage. Our church launched a church service, my work launched a research study.


Here are some other 2012 Feddersen stats:

FEDDERSEN2012In between I wrote it out here. Some of the favorite posts of the year are here:


More people than ever before or since joined us on our journey with World Vision to Kenya.


People seemed to really get excited when I am excessively open and write letters on marriage, mothering, or being a teenager.

A modified Mother Theresa quote

A modified Mother Theresa quote

And the most read post of the year, was the only one ever pinned to Pinterest including a printable I made. It is sort of unfortunate on account as it isn’t my favorite writing. Ah well.

I really appreciate you who spend your precious time with me here. Look forward to getting to know you this coming year. Leave a comment, let me know you stopped by? What was the highlight of your 2012?

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