Country Chronicles: Christmas at the Ranch



I don’t know if there is a more magical time at Christmas than when your children are 6 and 4. We’ve had the most wonderful season. December was full of adventure, memory making and entirely too much sugar. A few of the highlights?



We begin to get ready for Jesus’s  Birthday December 1st. We set the countdown calender, wrap 24 books (one for each night of advent) and even (the first saturday of the month) grab our tree with some of the dear friends.




Other highlights of the month were:


Nightly stories under the tree:





Ninja bread men…






Christmas pagents…









Epic sledding (O beat everyone, all the time. He is so fast we had to get him a helmet and goggles. He thinks they make him go faster so, double win).








Cousin sleepover/girls night out:




Christmas was good at our cabin in the wood.





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