Thanksgiving Blessing

May you be astounded anew by October sun on your back, the absurdity of being chased by your own shadow.

May you be wonder struck by the design and softness of a feather, astonished that your own breath can set it aloft.

May you stare into the stagnant parts and eventually see the living things there. Sometimes it takes a long time and maybe what you find will be strange, surprising.

That is ok. You only needed signs of life.

May you watch the horizon with the expectation that beauty will breach, leap from the depths and dark and surprise you with joy.

May you have faith like a child. Bound up in His wonders rather than chained to your cynicism. May you place your attention on the good, the best, where ever you can find it.

May you be thankful for this moment.

Linking with Ann and her grace chasers….

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And my dear friend Michelle is writing on Eucharisteo too…ENJOY her fine words.

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