And I’m like a river rock being rubbed smooth with sand.

And I’m like a pocket knife being kept sharp with steel.

And I’m like a piece of wood being ground down with sandpaper.

Life is just like that as we get older.

And sometimes it feels like the blade is dangerous. That one, that separates marrow from bone and leaves behind only what is finest.

And sometimes we feel rubbed so smooth as mothers, that the ridges that made us different have vanished right off of us.

And so we choose as life wares us down, to let God keep us sharp. Even if it stings a little.

Getting older doesn’t mean you let yourself be depleted. It doesn’t mean you get jaded and bitter. It means you stay soft to the things of God, to the heartbreak of man. You let the parts that need to be smoothed by life get easier to touch. It means that you let God trim the parts of you that are more you than Him.
It isn’t all fun and games. But it isn’t all bad either. He is pretty good at what he does.

Thanking Him today for the graces in the smooth days, for the mercy of His blade.

674) Time for little projects. It is too glossy. Or it needs glass. It was super annoying to get done the right size but if you want a copy it is yours! Click here.

675) Finally giving our bedroom a little face lift. Hydrangeas in lanterns…should dry nicely in there yes?

676) That two snot nosed kids went sweetly to sleep after a day of being not. so. sweet.

677) Saying YES to Africa...

678) The littles watching a show. Boy says “Mommy. Something is weird on this show! They went to sleep without a story!?”. Shock. Awe. Little girl says “No BOOKIES?!” Disgust. Appalled. Love my little nerds.

679) A job I am LOVING. Learning that it is ok to LOVE work as much as I LOVE home. And that this current balance of the two? Perfect for me.

680) Fall…cleaning, baking, decorating, the kids (and I by default) in the house a little more frequently…

681) For Jill…who passed this week. For the softness of her spirit, the power of her voice, the gentleness of her mothering skills (and those of us who found ourselves wrapped for brief moments in this gentleness). Praying for you Jenn, Julie, Heather, Phil. So sorry to have missed Friday.

682) Bubbling pots, rising dough…the scent of fall

683) Switchback Ranch.

Giving thanks with other daily grace seekers here:

3 thoughts on “Older

  1. Hi there! Coming over from Ann’s today (you were the poster before me for the link-up). I loved reading your thoughts on being smoothed yet sharpened by life and by the Lord. So very true. I really enjoyed your list as well–I am enjoying the transition into Fall, too! Happy to be here today! God bless!

  2. Hey there friend! Long time no blog see;} I’ve missed you…we’ve been moving…next week will be 5 times since June! and that doesn’t include all of the beds because of travel:p

    I love popping in on you and finding you pressing into Him and allowing him to mold and shape you…there is no other way to REALLY live and though he slays, yet we trust:}

    with love&hugs, abby :}:}:}

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