On Saying “Yes” to the things I can’t Un-see…

I’ve been hesitant.

These thoughts ravaging my brain?

The ones sneaking into my dreams, habituating my thought life, taking over my reading time?

I wondered, ‘what could happen to my heart if I saw them in thin flesh and only bone?’

Could I keep my head and heart together with the things I can’t unsee?

I’m still not sure.

But when a burden lands square and sure on the middle of your chest, you can only do one thing.

Say “YES”.

Yes to the things you can’t unsee, the ones which might very well turn your world upside down and inside out and rip your narcissism out at the seams. Yes to even these things.

I am learning to trust the things I can’t unsee to the one who is Unseen, because isn’t He big enough? I sure hope so.

We said yes to Africa today. And not just Africa, but yes to her Horn. To the land where the soil blows on the wind. To the place where the land is as thirsty as her people. We will be just hours from one of the largest refugee camps in the world today. We will be in the village  we’ve made it our dream to support.

We are going. I can hardly believe we are going.

Please join me on our journey with World Vision Canada as we seek to bear witness to the atrocity that is occurring. As we seek to use this burden so heavy on both of us, to bring awareness, hope and help to a hurting region. We leave January 2, 2012. Feel free to get your prayer on starting now…

Also…if you feel so inclined…

6 thoughts on “On Saying “Yes” to the things I can’t Un-see…

  1. This definitely will be life changing…if you allow it to be….which I know you will. I have to admit thought I that I am sooo excited you will be in our part of the world. To share this with you and to somehow see you!! XOXO

  2. wow wow wow!! oh how I wish I could come with you. Tiny hands holding yours…like nothing you have ever experienced before. liquid gold eyes that see into your soul…africa oh africa! God is going to do a great thing in your heart. It makes me smile 🙂

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