Country Chronicles: Oh…Hello Winter

Last weekend winter arrived with fists of fury.

Old Man Winter doesn’t seem to be messing around this year.

And around here? We’ve embraced it completely.

And really…one just cannot play in the snow and not have it followed by hot chocolate right? And its science I think, that when it is this ‘wintery’ I most certainly cannot be blamed for pulling out the Christmas mugs,

and maybe, all the decorations?

But really, my excuse is that we must start the season early because ours will end early. Yup its  really happening. Joel and I have spent the week working on our documents for our Kenya trip with World Vision. December 28 baby…sneaking up fast. So yup…our arms are packed full of Hepatitis and Yellow Fever vaccines. Giddy up.

Oh and the boys finished their treehouse…take a gander at this beauty. We call her “Abins Cabin”

Or this? Joel turned an old shed into a wood fired sauna.


Its true. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Only my husband would install a sound system before he cleans up his tools. He is a visionary alright? Lay off. Plus look how strong he is:

Its been a year now since we took the leap to move out here and every day I am more thankful. We are having a blast. Nothing makes my heart more glad than a living room like this:

Advent begins this weekend too so then it will officially be ‘okay’ to start getting ready for this sweet season. Christmas 2011 is primed to be one of legends at our house. Excited to create traditions and memories for our kids this year!

How about you? Have you started getting ready yet? What are your ‘advent plans’?




3 thoughts on “Country Chronicles: Oh…Hello Winter

  1. a) your children are ADORABLE b) Snow? We never see it here. My son asked me if Santa still came to people’s houses where it doesn’t snow. He was getting worried c) KENYA! d) What the construction what? Holy Sauna Batman, what a handy man e)I want to do a Jesse tree, which reminds me that I need to get cracking on making those ding dang ornaments.

  2. Those are the best kind of socks Em!! Love that! I can’t believe how much snow you have “up there”. And I hope the sauna isn’t too close to the house and quite near a hose 🙂 That rocks!

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