one thing tuesday (on wednesday): summer reading

Every summer I splurge. The best day of the year, might be, when the summer amazon parcel arrives. WAHOOOO. 

The fiction: Because summer TV is the worst…

The poetry: Because when the children are around and the husband is away is prime time for little bursts of beauty…

The dream chasing: Because it is time…

The Jesus chasing: Because it is all…

The family loving: Because I do…


Looking at this list I realize it might take me clear through to Christmas…oh well.

What are you reading this summer? Have you read anything on this list (should I remove any before I even start?!)

4 thoughts on “one thing tuesday (on wednesday): summer reading

  1. i am interested in the fiction on your list….i have read a lot this summer. my favorites so far are – the book thief (can’t remember the author) and some assembly required by anne lammot.

  2. I read Sacred Parenting and LOVED it. Keith has read Meaning of Marriage and thought it was really good too. Good picks!

  3. I was just going to ask you for a good list for a summer time read! I’ll have to track a few of those down!

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