California Chronicles

The air is filled with the scent of the roses now and the grass is nearing one foot deep. The wildflowers have all crept out and all of it, this whole place, the deepest green. Words are growing up in me again too and it feels so good.

This last week we ‘road tripped’. Our little family held tight each moment, recognizing that these bliss filled days need to be cherished.

It has been a hard month, this June. None of the weight of it has been mine exactly, but somehow, I’ve managed to pick it up and carry it around. I am really good at that…I think it is the leading cause of my ‘introvertism’. Being with others means that I pack around their problems, strap them onto my shoulders, take them home with me, find a way to blame myself.

I know.

It is something I need to work on. My wise friend says the body of Christ must function like a mosh pit. We hold up the body surfers, the wounded. We share the load, but none of us can bear it alone, we will crumble under it. So, keep passing. Take back the weight when others start to slouch. Keep it evenly distributed.

But the weight, when it falls on us, doesn’t it remind us not to take a single thing about this life for granted? Doesn’t it make you think that nothing about that blessing you are living is guaranteed? Not even that breath you are breathing? None of it is permanent. We must hold it close enough to notice its beauty, loose enough to let it breath, let it grow.

I am feeling strong again…ready to step back into the pit. Summer…here we go again.

Thanking Him for our blessings, the rest, this past week…

698) Wild flowers on the I-5

699) Kids that didn’t fight, not once, all vacation. I know. I am counting it, many times, a blessing!!!

First night…Lake Chelan

700) Her face…meeting those princesses…

701) His face…in his version of the happiest place on earth

Shasta Lake

702) These three…this moment. No words.

703) Sunset dinners

704) Falling in love

705) Seeing new things

706) A pod of dolphins up for a visit

707) Dancing on the pier.

And many other moments to cherish.

10 thoughts on “California Chronicles

    xoxoxo 😉

    • What is funny? Totally thought about you! This trip didn’t leave much room for visiting though! 10 days…4450 km (2765 miles…yes even converted for you). Next time… I still think we find a writers conference in the Northwest and meet there 😉

  2. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog and I think it’s wonderful. I like what you said here about strapping others’ problems on your back and carrying them around as if you are somehow to blame. I do the same and I too am an introvert. But I think that rather than being a cause of our “introvertism” that perhaps it’s more of a symptom. I have no advice as none has worked for me. (But see, there I go, I don’t know you at all, Yet I’m concerned about this thing that troubles you and I wonder if I can’t help you fix it somehow and I feel a little guilty that I can’t.) Ahh, at any rate, your blog is wonderful and your children are beautiful and I thank you for sharing your thoughts here.

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