August Blessings

This is the way it has been every summer for twelve years. Every year we get manna-just-enough. I remember those first summers, how us two full-time students somehow, almost magically, had money enough in our bank account to buy the groceries for camp. How the boat didn’t sink despite our newness with it all. How we were protected so intensely and supernaturally that people who didn’t believe in such things wondered about it. How we somehow survived those first few summers…me throwing myself between boats and rumbling waves, he cutting himself wide open on various motors. Somehow though…we have always had just enough. The economy of God is something not everyone experiences. How time expands when you give it to Him completely. How money covers expenses when you spend it only for Him. How love and grace surrounds and abounds in each other when you are chasing the same vision even if you aren’t always chasing each other.

We’ve founds these things to be true. Over and over. But we have never learned it in excess.

It has always been…JUST. ENOUGH.

Just enough energy.

Just enough grace.

Just enough mental fortitude.

This August is again proving these things true. We are in the season of JUST ENOUGH.

I can’t thank Him enough for that…

636) People loving my kids, helping me out!

637) Bubbling pots

638) Surprise harvests

639) Smooth bedtime

640) Two great dates with the man

641) Just 3 more nights.

642) Vacations past…vacations planned

643) That sunset. Oy vei.

644) Picnics.

645) A fun project…wherever it goes.

646) Fun parties…even though we said goodbye.

647) Friends who are in a place that they can do some REAL GOOD for the famine…for the drought. Think about sponsoring them this next year? Help them create sustainable change!

648) River floats

649) Family time…even if it was for sad reasons…was it ever great to see so much of our families these past few weeks.

650) Beautiful summer days

651) Cool summer nights

652) Did I mention he is almost home? I can’t wait.

6 thoughts on “August Blessings

  1. oh I love this post!it resonates with me SO much!I’ve often had to go on just enough as well,and you know what?I wouldn’t have it any other way.great post!

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  3. The sovereignty of our God is amazing! He loves to show us how strong we are when we simply lean on him to help us make it to the next day. And ohh man,how he has blessed your family. I love you all!! I know he has refreshed me to start a new and exciting year in Uganda…..if only I could get over this blasted jet lag:) XOXO

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