Foodie Friday (on Saturday): Borsht


In my kitchen this week:

When you come from the land of ‘sunshine and borscht’ (like actually it is on the town marquee),

and you see dill, cabbage, tomatoes and beets at the farmers market, there is only one thing you can do. Its Doukhobor Borscht time. I’m not of Russian descent but as a girl my family would often joke that we should change our name to ‘Toddoff’. The number of people in my graduating class whose sir name ended with ‘off’ was astounding and that isn’t the end of the folks descended from this ethnic group. I can tell you one thing…these people know how to make yummy soup (and also how to consume butter). I cut at least half the butter out and it was still ok.

Printable recipe here

This week (for about the twentieth week in a row) I’ve found new things to do with Greek Yogurt. So good all alone (fat-free, high in protein) or used to replace mayo in most recipes (salad dressings etc). This week I made this dill sauce for salmon (yum) and also mixed it with a bit of cinnamon and drizzled some caramel sauce on top for a dip for apples.

Also in my kitchen this week? I’m a little obsessed with the Moosewood Cookbook I took from Leanne when she moved. But I gotta tell you DON’T TRY the “Pasta with Creamy Spinach Walnut Sauce“. I had high hopes but it was kind of gross. I did replace the spinach with beet tops so maybe they just didn’t have a strong enough flavour or something? I don’t know. In any event it was gross.

Happy cooking friends!!!

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