When Even Fear Bows in Worship

When the moon is full to almost overflowing, the sky so clear the whole of it bruised deep purple. When the snow in reflecting all that splendor, turns blue in reverence creating the illusion of evening. In this moment, even Fear drops onto her knees to worship the One who made it and suddenly Overwhelmed finds a new home, far from my heart.

This heart? Can be home to only one primary emotion and so filling it with gratitude, with praise, chases out so many of the others.

“Thankfulness is the death of self and the arousal of hope. Thankfulness turns our eyes away from fear, our ears away from evil report, our hands away from clutching. Thankfulness is the birth place of restoration with a Creator and a sold out, never turning back kind of commitment to a Saviour.Thankfulness generates kindness, kindness generates love and love generates revolution!” #bethechange

Thankful this week for:

651) Wildlife lessons on the morning commute

652) Artistry

653) The occasional pose…

654) Girls night out with some of my favorite ladies and their precious daughters…

655) The expression on Emily’s face during the Sugar Plum Fairies, how she sat still the entire time.

656) Lazy Saturdays, winter walks

657) Spying through his classroom door, watching him engage and work hard. Better still watching him march boldly onto stage for the Christmas concert. Life and this boy both full of surprises…

658) And as he comes off stage, his little sister shouts “We are so proud of you Owan”

659) And overhearing him say to her, “Oh Emily, you are prettier than pretty”

660) Fog rolling, sun streaming…

661) Ice sparkling in headlights.

662) A post of mine from last week being featured at Imperfect Prose on Monday. Mine being added makes the title so much more appropriate…Ms. Emily Wierenga can hardly be called imperfect with her brilliant writing style.

8 thoughts on “When Even Fear Bows in Worship

  1. Melissa Ann! These thoughts and pictures hugged my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I need a copy of the two kids together, Christmas gift?
    Love you all and looking forward to seeing you all soon.

  2. Hey I just came over from the Holy Experience blog hop and wanted to let you know that you might want to resubmit your post in the linky. For some reason it isn’t clickable and takes you to an error page, not your beautiful blog here. I found you only by hovering my mouse over your link, seeing your url and manually entering it.

    Tamara @ God’s Perfect Promises

  3. Ah, putting fear in its place – at the feet of Jesus! I’m practicing that against different types of fears this season. It is so refreshing to let them go.

    You thankful list is simply beautiful!

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