it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

At our house?

We are more than ready to cuddle in deep for Christmas holidays. One more day of busy and bluster and then? We are settling down…way down.

There is still a trip to get organized, gifts to buy, things to bake, but I am not getting obsessed with that this year. It will get done. Or it won’t. Either way, no one is going to die.

All I know is? Starting tomorrow at 4:45 operation relax begins…

And there is a good chance no one will see us again until 2012.

(OBSESSED with those little round submersible LED lights! I’ve put them everywhere!)

Just kidding…there is fun to be had that we won’t miss.

From our family to yours…we wish you the merriest of seasons!

Joining in the Christmas Tour of Homes because…lets be honest…that driveway of ours has chased everyone away, and our tree is something to behold! Click over for HUNDREDS of fun decorating ideas!

3 thoughts on “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. Looking very festive at Switchback Mountain! Hope I get to see you before 2012 dear sister! 🙂 BTW Matthew lost one of his good gloves tonight at your place, it’s a white water proof glove. If you happen to see it in the snow…(which may be difficult)

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