2014 Word of The Year: HERE

imageHERE in the epic mundane of this place. My choice, this year to be fully and completely here, noticing the ordinary graces the everyday miracles. To be HERE.

Let me be HERE, where you have placed me Lord. Let me hear your voice, let me sense your direction. Let me know that you’ve appointed me for such a time as this, for such a place as HERE.

Let me be HERE, in this congregation before me. I have grieved the ones I wish were here with me, I’ve done my best by them. This year, let me fix my gaze squarely HERE…those here now…let me do right by them today. Here now, let us build on this sacred ground between us.

Let me be here. The person before me, let me see them, hear them. Keep me from peeking over their shoulder, down to my phone, do not let me be intimidated by their gaze. Let me hold their eyes, let me speak love with mine.

imageHere. Let me notice the beauty, let me feel the sun on my face, the wind at my back, the rain on my neck. Do not let me miss it. Let me see and experience all of it. Let me write it down, let me find my words. Let me not be distracted by any of my escapist tendencies….let me instead fix my eyes on the miraculous here.

imageHere in this home. Let me be all here. Don’t let me be distracted by the future ‘to dos’ or the past ‘should have done’. Let me be with these children growing so fast, this man giving all of himself. Let me find myself HERE and not ache for any aways. With these children, focus my eyes and ears to the why of behaviour and not the error itself. Let me be attentive to them, to all the stories they want to tell me, all the dreams they have to share. Let me see them every moment we share.

This man, let me love him well. Let me count the blessings, seek the best. Let me not take the tragically short HERE for granted. The things we are building together, those that I could build with no other match. Let me laugh here and now and bless his life with my own.

This job. Let me not be restless but instead let me see the gift of the HERE. Let me see the ministry I could have in it. Let me find my purpose in each moment. Let me not seek anything; not reputation, not career, let me seek only to find subtle glory in the HERE.

If last year was marked by the NOW and the YES, and the newly appointed freedom to chase and to do, may this year be marked by the stay and the build. May this year be about HERE…



I am tied to it, bound to it. I will not look back with anything but praise I will not look forward with anything but prayer.

I will look at today, the beauty to be found in it, the mission to be lived in it, the people to be loved in it.

Here. Find me Here.

6 thoughts on “2014 Word of The Year: HERE

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