I have been feeling marvelously small lately. Quiet. Humble. Hushed.

I’ve been thinking on intent and purpose and why I do certain things. Like write a blog for example.

I’ve been thinking how there are no great things on earth.
No Great Men or Women.

Pursuing greatness? Cripples you, sabotages you.

All God wants from you today? Submission. Pursuit of Him alone. Great love in the next tiny thing.

You have not been called to change the whole world. Only to change the tiny space that you can wrap your arms around in this moment you are living.

And if by some miracle God uses you to reach further?
Get on your face and praise Him for it.

Standing on a soap box looking down? Look out. People will do everything they can to knock you clear of it. It is a very dangerous place.

Forgive me as I step away from it. Hiding in my cabin in the woods, you’ll hear more from me after Easter.

7 thoughts on “Small

  1. Great love in the next tiny thing.

    Needed you in my Reader today, sister. wish you lived where i live and we could sit small in a coffee shop together and marvel at the Big things. praying for a good, restful quiet for you until Easter (as much as is humanly possible with those adorable short people you live with). 🙂

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