Country Chronicles: (Wo) Man-Up

When I fly solo at the top of Switchback Mountain, usually I would be a little petrified to see this:

At these temperatures when it rains in town it SNOWS up here. Happily I just completed the Hunger Games trilogy yesterday so I am feeling all post apocalyptic and mad with reckless independence. I had Joel teach me to use the beast before he left so while it would be nice to not have to use it, we’ve had an inch or two already.

I even hit Costco this morning for a solid ten days worth of rations….er…I mean groceries. Plus, I have allies. Super Fed and Super Pink hit the ground with a vengeance  this morning.

Lets dance snow storm.

Check in on me in 12 or so hours?  

1 thought on “Country Chronicles: (Wo) Man-Up

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