Country Chronicles: A Dance Studio

Miss E? She has been a handful lately. I spent three hours reading journals and blog posts about when Mr. O was 3.5. Turns out I was certain he might be a career criminal. Feddersen kids at three are tough, strong, feisty, stubborn…they shout a lot.

But today? Miss E? At her first Highland Dance class? Anything but…all sweetness and bright light. It was wondrous.

She was amazing, adorable, graceful.

I cried a little.

And…who would’ve guess? A Highland Dance studio in Joe Rich? Most excellent.

E is wearing the shoes that both her Auntie Shell and I wore for our Highland lessons. And of course a tutu; I couldn’t resist. She couldn’t stop looking at herself; though I must admit it was hard to look away.

3 thoughts on “Country Chronicles: A Dance Studio

  1. Oh goodness, I am so excited for her! I have butterflies and can’t WAIT to come and watch!!! Thanks so much for sharing Lissy. xoxoxox to our Em.

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