My favorite things…

You know those things that I complain about? Those things that make you dreadfully hard to parent? Those are also my favorite things about you. I loved the way you jumped headlong into that creek this afternoon, shouting ‘cannon ball’. I love the fact that your dress was drenched, your feet mud caked, your face streaked with dust because God forbid you let that brother of yours get even one step ahead of you. I love the fact that you vacillate between trying to save that caterpillar and trying to see what will happen if you squish it flat. Love that you chased your brother through that culvert tunnel to find daddy at the other side. And…I actually love that you test me at every turn. Love that I can’t help but smile when you wield independence like a big heavy sword, trying to figure out which way to cut. You my dear will not be a door mat. You will be strong and, if my hearts greatest wish is granted,  FEARLESS. And I will be envious…

665) Fearless

666) Frogs in hand, creek beds to explore

667) Golf cart safaris. We are becoming legends in the golf cart…the four of us cuddled in the front seat.

668) That owl call. You should have heard them after they spotted a pair of Great Gray Owls on the wire. These kids of mine perfecting their call in conversation as those gorgeous beasts bob and nod and screech. AWESOME.

669) Cousins…Good golly what lovin’

670) My work…and that even though September will be (and always has been..) too much…it will be ok. Great even…In October.

671) Those soft curls.

672) Gentle…and STRONG.

673) Brave and timid.

Loving these days full of contrast Emily…You are FUN.



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