When Change Blows In…

Owen Pre-School Grad...in June

Owen Pre-School Grad...in June

I woke early and I sat out on the deck with my coffee in hand. Suddenly it was too cold to sit outside, winds were blowing and she blew cold and I could smell change on her breath.

Soon boy child wakes and I hear his voice and I pull sliding door and he says “Snuggle me?” and I say “YES” and we bring blankets to the garden swing and we rock as that change wind breathes down our necks. We rock as we both sense fall schedules riding on the coat tails of that cold wind. We sense the end of our slow mornings, our messy crafts, our days of whatever we choose. I sense calendar filling up and I see the contract I just signed sitting on our horizons. We are in the “just before” days and change is coming sure and swift.

We rock long. Too long. We are late for back to school hair cuts. We don’t get our errands done. We don’t care…

These moments? Too precious to rush.

Enjoy your last days of vacation friends…changes are coming faster than you think!

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2 thoughts on “When Change Blows In…

  1. I love, “that change wind”…it sounds so adventure-y and fall-ish.
    Summer lasts longer in my area, with no one in school and hot weather until November…but I know what you mean, people are changing faster than the seasons in my house. Kids! AH!

  2. can’t remember where you live, but not near me! we’ve been in school three weeks and it is still over 90 degrees everyday here in NC! blessings to you and your son as he enters kindergarten?!?!

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