Country Chronicles: Where I’ve Been

How is it that I’ve only written two blog posts in three weeks?

This picture sums up the only defense I have. Do you see that glint in her eye? That mischief brewing just under the surface? That firecracker just about to ignite?

Yup. That must be it. This girl is just so very two right now and it would appear, one only has so many words to spend each day and mine are all spent by the time she goes to bed.

“Get off of there please”


“Don’t bite your brother”

Ya da, ya da, yada….

The anthem of every mother everywhere. By the time they are asleep I have energy only to crawl to the couch and enjoy someone elses words.

These rainy summer days have been full though. Very, very full. Filled with cardboard cities for trains…

Storm watches.

Reunions with the dearest of friends.

Filled with camping trips and quick visits to daddy at camp.Weddings and showers. A slightly bigger work contract (yahoo and YIKES). Visits with friends. Playing outside. Picking wildflowers.  Hikes with cousins. picnics. Road-trips. Play dough. Trampolines. Bikes. Dirt. Finn McMissle. Swimming when the sun shines.

And did I mention the rain? La Nina I am not a fan.

But then again…one does need rain to make a rainbow…

And I’m left speechless yet again.

5 thoughts on “Country Chronicles: Where I’ve Been

  1. Oh the glint in her eyes! My little one has started to give me this glint as she makes a dash for open cupboards and I wonder what I am in for….an adventure that’s for sure 🙂 In knew I was destined to see the glint when I married Travis and I’m always so thankful that she will inherit that zest for life, the desire to seek out fun. We are lucky to have husbands who see such a different perspective on life than we do and can see how God made this world for us to explore and enjoy. Enjoy the glint 🙂

    • Lord help you when she is two Mandi! YESH she is giving me a serious run right now!!!
      BUT YES…I know its true. And I think a strong personality is something so, so good…and SO SO hard to parent!!!

  2. Great photos of glorious childhood and laughter! Oh the bum cheeks! I love that one! And Layne who can’t giggle at your boy together with him!

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