Waking Up

It’s easy to sleep walk through days. To wander through your home, to stumble over children, to stare at television or computer screens. Sometimes we forget that moments are precious and fleeting. Sometimes we forget that these moments that seem so ordinary are the only ones we have and that these children are being shaped by them. That these little people who are only little one moment and grow to big the next will be defined by these not so ordinary, ordinary moments.

How do we embrace today? Eyes wide open? Heart all here? How do we wake up and not let sleep walking be the order of the day? How do we face it when we want to hide for a few minutes? When the day feels nightmarish and not sweet dreamish?

We do our best to splash the water of awareness on our faces and remember that it likely is the only time he will spill an entire bowl of mushroom soup on my freshly washed floor…

But also the only week he will learn to ride his bike and to wear pride (and a brand new cape that Gummy made) like a banner:

Remember that while she has grown irritable and feisty this last week, that she has also grown more like me. That she has grown into very good best friend material and that she will likely never again wear an apron (or super hero cape), read a cook book and lean on my shelf full of cook books:

We might never again have matching shoes this cool…

That those gorgeous geese will never again fly over when I have my camera at the ready..

We remember to take the good with the bad. To grab gratitude by the throat and to wrestle it into submission. That all can be received as very good gifts….even when he pushes her off a coffee table. That will never happen again right?



5 minute prompt from Gypsy Mamma


5 thoughts on “Waking Up

  1. I love this…such a great reminder that how we choose to view our day can make all the difference. Just soaking in all the small moments that will one day be our fondest memories. Thanks for this:)

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