March Break

There is nothing quite like tucking your baby into your old room and cuddling in bed with little boy. Nothing quite like waking up to the smell of coffee brewing and finding little girl tucked into grandpa’s arms for a morning cuddle (while I slumber). While everything changes, some things don’t. Our Almond Gardens Road is still the best place to learn to ride a bike. These three acres are the best to be a kid (or a grown up).

541) SO glad to be here while husband is off adventuring in Los Angeles with our youth group.

542) Beautiful things

543) Face of pride of little boy riding bike

544) Moon gazing with niece

545) Flipping channels with same niece and finding Les Miserables with Nick Jonas…both of us are thrilled.

546) Husband finally arriving in LA

547) The sweet bits of two-year olds (when the sour parts seem a bit overwhelming)

548) New baby cuddles

549) Impromptu park visits with friends. Plasma cars rule.

550) Littles behaving on solo road trip

551) Herb garden

552) Stealing photos off daddys computer.

553) Melting snow man cookies (mine didn’t turn out picture worthy)

554) A quick work trip to Vancouver and seeing niece I don’t see enough and dear old friend. Hotel room by myself and sleeping all night didn’t hurt much either.

555) Phone calls…I miss you!

2 thoughts on “March Break

  1. Jumped over from Ann’s and I love … 555 … so looking forward to a visit with my daughter, son-in-law and grand-daughters in TX next week. They are phone calls away and I too miss them! Peace, Love and Joy. Beth

  2. Loved your list today. Nothing better than family, little ones, and new baby cuddles!!!! Thanks for posting your gratitudes! It’s so good to read these, isn’t it???? You can’t help but smile and go away blessed!

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