Trail Blazing

The morning filled itself with winter, holding on fast, but afternoon opened herself up to sunshine and snow melted off and we couldn’t keep ourselves from the back wood. We slash trails and we make plans for hiking and campsites and little boy fights dragons that look like trees and little girl sits on daddy shoulders and she is queen of this world..

Sun beams filter through the trees and somehow I know this moment is important.

I’m transported back to the wilderness of my childhood where I traced deer paths and the triumph of mountains conquered. I hear the sounds that will define home for my children; there are no meadowlarks here but stellar jays call loudly and pine trees sing.

I sing too. I sing praise and I make promises over this land…

May we bring glory to the One who made it.

May the children who conquer it glory Him too.



6 thoughts on “Trail Blazing

  1. Love this. We are an outdoors-trekking family as well, and I remember the same from my childhood. The wild places somehow help us know ourselves, even as we recognize our own smallness in them. And they help us to love and know God as well.

  2. This is beautiful! There’s something magical about the snow-in-process-of-melting-trails. Your son is so blessed to grow up with such adventures.

  3. I’m here from Emily’s – it’s my first time linking up.

    I can kind of feel the hike through the woods – the little steps being big ones for your little one. The pictures and the words knit together like magic. And the end – that’s poetry, “May we bring glory to the One who made it. May the children who conquer it glory Him too.” It’s like a bow on a present. {smile}

    God Bless you and keep you and your family

  4. Love this. My parents took us camping while we still needed playpens. I have so many dear outdoor memories as a family. And even now, the mountains at sunset can take my breath away as I’m flying down the freeway, urging me to stop and praise the Artist.

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