It’s the things I’ll never get back that hurt the most.

That time that I didn’t swim because I thought the way I wore swim-wear would cause others to weep.

That time when my new husband went para-sailing but I was sure my 145 lbs would cause the rope to snap and launch me off to space.

The dozen times in high school I skipped my grannys pies, my mothers Sunday dinners.

It’s the million beautiful thoughts I could have thought, the adventures I skipped, the beauty I could have experienced if my mind weren’t riddles with ME and MY BODY.

There are the times now, when I watch teen girls press into walls and try to make themselves invisible. I watch them cross their arms, clumsy, over their middles, hiding roles that don’t even live there. I watch them watch each other with envy and greed, longing for ‘her abdomen’ or ‘her breasts’. I watch them attack each other, thinking if they tear her down, that perhaps as part of the bounty, they will gain her beauty.

I want to scream “GET IN THERE…YOU’RE MISSING IT”.


All of it is being stolen from right under your nose. Right under your lips…

There is no greater crime. I’ve never heard better definition of STEAL. KILL. DESTROY.

How about you? Tell me what this sort of thinking has stolen from you?

(Speaking at a women’s group in the morning on body image. I am needing a couple mores stories besides my own. Should you read this tonight…I would love to hear from you. What was stolen? How did you save your thought life from the thief? Thanks for your help!)

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8 thoughts on “Stolen

  1. thanks for stopping by my blog! okay….what was stolen from me? ED (eating disorder – mine was anorexia) stole three years of my life. three years of loving my husband the way god intended. three years of loving my children the way god intended. three years of joy. like the illness came slowly, so did the healing. i got help. major help from family and professional counseling – but i had to learn to yield to god again as well. and he was used the experience for the good. i am stronger now. i am more committed to him now. and i am helping others. i wrote a book, mainly to hlep friends and family understand the thoughts and struggles of one who has an eating disorder. the writing was cathartic and has served as a springboard toward helping others in my community and on the web.

  2. this seems to be a hot topic lately. For me, I felt ridiculous in a swim suit because a friend told my my thighs were big. And they weren’t at the time, but it hung over my head till well into my marriage and even now it surfaces. But then I remember that I am made in the IMAGE of God….and that alone is enough, no matter how “big” my thighs are…God likes them!

  3. Powerful post! I’m so glad Loni sent me your way! My self image struggles cost me so many things – and almost cost me my life! Blessings to you as you share with this women’s group tomorrow. We need more voices of Truth in this area!
    Cindy 🙂

  4. oh friend… my story resonates with kendal’s. i battled anorexia both as a child and as an adult. i’m only now (now that i’m a mother) understanding my true image, my soul image, not just body. and i’m writing a book about it. i love, love love that you’re talking with women about this vital issue. there are so many lies out there. let’s join together and overcome these lies with the beautiful truth. xo

  5. a male Bible school student that i worked with at camp told me that i looked ridiculous with my tiny ankles and big legs. for the rest of the summer, i refused to wear shorts. now after having three babies, i realize how silly i was not to wear the dresses that i thought made me look pregnant. my ability to feel comfortable in my own skin was what was stolen from me. slowly, i am stealing it back.

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