Covenant Love

The pipe organ reaches up high to rafters. Light filters through stained glass and makes jeweled light sparkle. The decorations are simple highlighting beauty of craftsmanship of old church. Candles twinkle in hurricane glass, next to vases filled to overflowing with white roses and lilies, bunches of tulle flow beneath. The benches are bare wood being warmed by family and friends as they collect and the an excited buzz starts to form as long unseen guests find each other again. The groom steps up to the front and he is all nerves and excitement. I’ve never seen him before, but he has the air of humble and humour and I like him already.

Bride arrives on arm of father not with trembling lips but with a face full of joy and confidence stretched across; she wears it well. She is lucky bride who walks down aisle to friends that obviously adore her. To parents that love her. We all enjoy her confidence, and we easily bless union like this…we easily worship maker of community like this. We sense His joy, His capacity for blessing, the privelledge of God chasing passed from one generation to next.

Pastor talks of covenants and what a ring can mean and I take the hand of the one who bears my covenant ring and I remember what that means. Again and again we remember what that means and I silently pledge my faithfulness, my devotion. Not only a pledge to stay beside but to stay faithfully with. In my heart, in my head and in every capacity. To not just tolerate marriage, but to enjoy it. To co-create the worlds safest place for our children. To co-create the worlds most joyful place for both of us.

I’ve no time to waste on a mediocre love story.

466) Two nights away in a swanky hotel never hurt any marriage I know

467) An awesome sister who takes the kids and supplies the time of their lives.

468) Collision insurance

469) SUPER fun second family who I am starting to think of as dear friends

470) Air miles

471) Little people running to greet me in an airport. Mamma joy defined.

472) A husband I adore…

473) Remembering how much fun we have together

474) Remembering 1000 other things we love about each other!

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3 thoughts on “Covenant Love

    • It was fine in the end. A cowboy in a Explorer gave us a ‘welcome to Calgary’ hit and run at a stop light. We were fine, and the insurance they talked us into taking covered everything!!!

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