He lit the sky on fire tonight. Canvas painted light orange and then blood red and even two year old sensed how spectacular it was and stood next to her daddy whispering ‘sun set, sun set’. We all sit in wonder and can’t help but worship sky writer and we whisper of His extravagance as we are afraid if we talk to loud we will blow the moment away.

2011 is stretching out ahead of me like a parchment and I’m picking up my pen. I’m taking into my hands the dreams in my heart, and I’m trusting that He has placed them there. I’m stepping in boldness and in courage and I’m stepping over fear and lazy and pushing through doubt and I’m chasing evasive dreams.

This year, all I want, is to be like the sky set on fire.

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5 thoughts on “2011

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  2. I loved this….and your view!!! We had an amazing one here last night and my husband called me out to see it….something stops and hushes, doesn’t it…Eternity calls and we want to melt into it forever…with Him…like Him:)

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