Happy New Years!

I hear the screen door slam as I hit publish last night and before I even see him his voice finds me half-way down the stairs,

“Hey, I was just thinking. You know that dream of yours…”. The one I don’t talk about. The quiet one I dare breath to only the precious few. He goes on about putting feet on it and making it true and how life is short and how the last thing he ever wants, is for me to have regrets. My breath catches in my throat…As if skywriting weren’t enough. My eyes immediately fill and spill over and he looks at me half stunned by the magnitude of my response. I’m overwhelmed. I start counting the generosities of this my fine husband and the One who gave even him.

444) Fireworks and astonished little people

445) Incredibly LAZY week off

446) Little eyes that are no longer stuck shut upon waking

447) Tracking down this book and being THRILLED by it.

448) A new year to dream…or better…to chase

449) Tree down and seeing my home for the first time without decorations.

450)  That tomorrow things get busier…as lovely and craved two weeks of nothing is…we’ve had enough. Time to get this stir crazy boy OUT!

451) Little cousins reading to ‘little-er’ cousins

452) Sleepover and snowman pancakes

453) Last day of holidays bubble bath and book.

454) Freedom to ‘chase’ from the One who has been asking me to ‘be still’

455) Feels like HOME

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