Magic, Mischief and the Grind (What I am into October 2015)


October was Thanksgiving (with so much gratitude), Halloween, short work trips, birthday partys for small people, and more. It was full…and wonderful.

So, what I am into?

I am into the fall burning up all red and orange, hot drinks back in my hands most moments of the day. I am into two jobs and really believing that we can corrupt systems that oppress us and find new ways to be human. That most of our suffering is the complete lack of authentic communities, ways of loving each other, hope deferred. How do we be the Hope People in even the most hopeless of contexts? I am not always exactly sure but I will spend my life chasing it.

I am into knowing, exactly what I am called to in this season of my life, feeling my heart breaking wide open for young people who just all appear so vulnerable to me. Again, I don’t know what to do always, but I know it involves showing up, loving well, giving up myself to serve.

I am into preparing to speak at a women’s retreat this weekend. I am so excited about it that I don’t quite even know who I am. The messaging I am preaching has been burning in my bones for months. I cannot wait to share it with you!

I am into new sports for the kids. I am sad that I have to be away while my son plays in his first basketball tournament this weekend. I cannot express to you the joy it brings me to watch this little person learn this game. He is the smallest boy on his team, he is one of the only first year players, but oh my word…the hustle. It is just the best.


I am into exploring with the family and getting into the woods as much as we can muster. The kids love it as much as we do so we have got out a lot in the fall air.


I am into my kids growing up and the wise and wonderful things they say sometimes. Last week Joel was flipping through the channels and stopped briefly on one of the James Bond films. It happened to be a scene with a lot of shooting. My son, who was building lego at the table said “hey dad? Are you sure that is a good show? Maybe you should think about guarding your gates?”. This phrase I adore and stole shamelessly from my friend Sarah Bessey. We have explained it to the kids that whatever we let in our lives is often there for keeps and so we are wise when we consider what we let into our hearts, when we guard it and fill it with the beautiful, noble, and hopeful. We fill our hearts with the future we hope for.

Speaking of41TJVoBrIsL._SX326_BO1,204,203,200_ Sarah Bessey, did you know that she releases her new book TODAY!? I will be honest and say that I have not got to read it yet. I have had access to an electronic pre-release and I tried and tried but could not get it. BUT TODAY the hard copy is available! I have no doubt that this book will be as deep and beautiful as she is…and will be the story that I have watched her live through her blog. The story of easy answers that don’t hold the water you hope they will, the challenging seasons that make you question everything and then, still, always, Jesus.

Also Seth Haines has a  book releasing today…”Coming Clean” tells the story of his journey through alcoholism and he makes the assertion that many of us are addicted to something. That we are all coping the best we can but usually not in the best ways. I can’t wait to get my hands on that one too!

October brought some good reading my way as well. This month it was Erwin Mcmanus “The Artisan Soul”, Glennon Melton “Carry on Warrior” and Susie Larson “Your Sacred Yes”. All great. All recommended.

I am also into taking off for the weekend with my little family. We left our phones in the car. Do you ever do that? For us it is the bread and butter. We live in an idylic place, I know. But still, we end up working all weekend if we stay home. J and I both love taking off and hiding in strange hotels. We bring our kids, eat in bed, swim in the pool. It is so refreshing for us. What do you do when you hit that wall when you just need to get away? I encourage you to take your family with you..

What are you into this month? Best album? Best book? Best adventure? Would love to hear in your comments!

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3 thoughts on “Magic, Mischief and the Grind (What I am into October 2015)

  1. My October was hectic and hurried – and reading your post was like taking a deep breath of fresh fall air. Thank you for the reminder to slow down, turn off and LIVE a little!

  2. Oh Melissa, how I wish I could sit and have a coffee with you on a regular basis. I feel like I need you in my life right now more than ever. Can’t wait to spend some time with you at Christmas. Your wisdom is truly inspiring.

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