Five Minute Friday: Join

A free write…five minutes on the prompt “Join”.

It is time to join with the dreamers and schemers, because you were meant to walk in that same direction. Against the pulse of the whole rest of the world and against your own good sense. You were meant to walk in the direction of your fear, to the other side of the end of yourself and to suddenly feel the breath of God beneath you.



I feel it beckoning. There are doors closing on me and windows opening and I feel wind blowing. I feel claws at my feet and a thousand directions I could go, but I know, finally, which steps I must take. I know which claws to fight off and ignore and where to lay my time…my service.

“Be careful what you pretend to be” he said to me “you might just become it” and he was quoting and it struck me true. Tell me this pretense you’ve been living? Do you like it? Is it who you really hope to be? This life you are is your kick at the can. How will your husband speak of you someday? Your children…what will they say? The friends you have? Will they rise up and call you blessed?



I’m not telling you to be perfect…I got over that a long time ago.  It is the journey that really counts anyways…this side of heaven there is no destination. Just the measure of these very short days, how will you spend them?


I know who I am joining. The justice seekers. The joy bringers. The dream chasers. The Jesus finders.

Yes. Join us?



(blech…forgive me for publishing this. But a five minute free write is a five minute free write…right? Anyways…bedtime for the little people is calling…I must join them)




5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Join

  1. Oh, this was like wonderful poetry to me. Don’t apologize for your words. They spoke to me deeply and in a way that was a joy to read. I was leaning into the screen for every letter. Thank you for publishing this! I want to be a joy bringer, a justice seeker, and a dream chaser.

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  3. Oh, that thing you said! About how we were meant to walk toward our fear, to the other side of ourselves, until we feel the breath of God beneath us… Gorgeous writing! And truth. I want to join you and the rest of the dream chasers and Jesus finders, the justice seekers and the joy bringers!

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