one thing tuesday: shadowlands

When the world seems dark and heavy and you feel yourself start to bend under the weight of it, you must find your way out. You were never meant to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and the truth of it is that you will start to warp.

I am sad this week. And while I know that we are meant to mourn with the mourners, we also should not mourn as those without hope. And so how do we return our hearts to being those filled with hope?

By becoming light to this horrifically dark world. By looking for fingerprints of the gift giver. By growing in our faith to see that there can be FRUIT in EVERY season as we plant ourselves on HIM. That by Him alone are we able to grow in the dark that we learn new lessons in difficulty, in pain. We look for the blessings even in the burden. Trusting Him to work all things for the good.

Today I am looking for the light in the dark. Listening intently for birds singing. Watching for Glory in the mundane and everyday. My son too. He came running to me at bedtime tonight and said “Oh mommy we are so BLESSED” and I said “Yes honey, we are, tell me what made you say that right now?”. And he said “Oh mommy we get to live on Sun Valley Rd. and it is SO SUNNY today”. Yes baby it was.

How about you? As you set off into Tuesday, will you join us? Think about what you see today that makes you pause to observe the splendor. What, this day, lets you know that there is hope for the hopeless? Strength for the weak? Healing for the broken?
Come back. Tell me. I want to know.

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2 thoughts on “one thing tuesday: shadowlands

  1. This is NOT the end! They are beyond pain and suffering and with HIM, in glory. But us being left behind is the hard part. I am blessed and where I see hope is in people and their love and care for each other, even those that don’t know where the real hope comes from yet. They have a piece of Him beating in them and making them love and care. So many wonderful people!! We have to find strength in each other when we don’t have it.

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