one thing tuesday

If you know me at all, you know that I tend towards the sarcastic persuasion.
More often than not, I think drama is hilarious.
I can’t stand romantic comedy. Or romantic movies much at all for that matter.
Unless they involve a super hero.
Or at the very least, are spun into a fairy tale
I don’t trust people who smile too big (or too often).
I think most things are cheesy.
I have trouble with things like titles. Being a pastor’s wife for example. It makes me wear skulls and crossbones and want to swear (Sorry. I know. We’ve been expecting the pink slip for a long time now).
Anyways. All that to tell you I need to manage my thought life.
My kids? They always think things are marvelous. Today they went horse back riding for the very first time. Their little faces nearly glowed. O giggled the ENTIRE time. They felt the glory laden in each moment. They marveled at the experience. They hold the memories fast and dear. They tell everyone they see.
I want that again.
I want to dive into each day as  a beauty seeker, not a fault finder. I want to see the best in my brothers and sisters. I want to draw it from them. I want to be the type of person that inspires. Not the type who thwarts.
Being 30 something has been good for that. The way I care much less if you think I am cool or not. The way I readily admit the things I love now, the things I thought made me lame a few years ago. The way I feel secure in this skin. The way I KNOW that I am not all that I once thought I was…and that is GOOD.
Five years ago when I started blogging, I was in the early stages of this mom journey. My babes were young and I was home. A lot. Some days the walls closed in. Some days my world shrunk to the island of the one little person who was never sleeping and eating constantly. Most days it was wondrous. Some days in was wondrously difficult.
The concept of ‘one thing blog’ was born out of this feeling. How do I keep my mind fixed on the good, the wonderful, the beautiful? How do I fix my eyes on the eternal matters of this dreadfully “physical” stage of life? So I started to blog, ‘one thing’ each day that inspired me. As my world got bigger again, this blog grew as well but I miss the mental exercise of actively seeking the most beautiful gift or treasure in each day.
So sometimes, on Tuesdays I will be heading back to ‘my roots’. Join me? Open you eyes today and notice something that inspires, calms, breathes meaning into this day. Come back and share it in the comments won’t you?
OR if you blog…I got myself a button…you can grab it and join me? What was something that made you think thoughts greater than yourself? What made you stop for just a moment and think of the Gift Giver?
I would love to hear. Maybe…it will cause more of us to pause in wonder?
Eyes peeled for WONDER,

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