Five Minute Friday: Identity

Join us in a five minute free write won’t you? Prompt is “Identity”…


I am the thick blood of a Scot, with my freckled skin, my stubborn nature. I am the fair hair of a Swed; the hardiness of Canada.

I come from a place of hard work, of uncomplicated love, of sacrifice and devotion. I come from small town and gravel road and meadowlark.

I am all dichotomy, ripe with contradictions. I am the gray matter of every argument; the space between your black and his white. I can always see the middle. I am a text-book gemini who doesn’t believe in astrology. I apologize a lot. I don’t expect much from you. I expect a lot from myself.

I am a recovering perfectionist, a conflicted introvert, a prayer warrior who forgets to pray some days.

I am nurse, and I am mommy and I am becoming wife. I am a story-teller and a Jesus chaser and a theology-phob.

I am at peace, midnight underwater and in the quiet of water lapping the shore.

I am found in the wildness of forest and its stillness at dusk.

I am recovered in the pages of scripture, the fine words of scholars, the stories I weave.

I bask in moon beams on my pillow, the glow of my children, the light of my good man; three extraordinary reflections of Creative God.

I love Eddie Vedder and super hero films and I would rather sit by a fire with two friends that be at a party with 20. I love music and dancing and poetry that is raw. I love wind in my hair when travelling too fast, coffee in a paper cup, blank pages and black ink.

I like people who love good food and a good laugh the most. I make my best attempt at authenticity but hate when I use that as an excuse to not pursue rightousness…goodness…purity. Being real is not an excuse to be mediocre.

I believe that I am created with purpose and destiny and I believe dross will fall and I will stand in the identity He formed; identity redeemed.

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Identity

  1. This is so beautiful. It makes me wish I knew you “in real life” to have a cup of coffee with. And “being real is not an excuse to be mediocre.” I am writing that down and putting it on my wall. Powerful truth.

  2. Melissa, I will fight that you are actually more interesting, loving and amazing in person. yup, I love your writing. I am inspired by you and blessed you call you a friend.

    • I am the one who is blessed….thanks so much for the lovely words. Speaking of being ‘in person’….i’ve been sucking at that. FREE ALLLLLLL WEEEK! Will call Monday and set something up!!!

  3. Beautiful, Melissa. I love how you seem to have really found your identity. You seem comfortable with “you”–yet not afraid to grow. The way you describe yourself has got me thinking, too. Roots, dreams, joys, jobs, skin, and heart…it all blends to define one’s identity. ~Sheila 🙂

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