Emily got in trouble once too much this weekend, she stomped away and shouted,

“I just can’t do dis, I QUIT”

I know only one place she could hear that from. Me. I am a quitter. When the going gets tough, I assume God isn’t in it. I assume, we’ve lost our way. I want to start again.

I think God is teaching me something else. Twice last week, I came across the same message in twenty-four hours. And none of it was about quitting.

Elijah had a heavy call from God. But he was feeling EXHAUSTED. Despite the fact that he had seen God move in AMAZING ways. Despite the fact that he KNEW he was in the centre of Gods will still he said “I have had ENOUGH Lord. Take my life”. So he lays down…ready to die. Instead? He RESTS. He goes to sleep. He is exhausted. Nothing spiritual about it. Did God yell at him? Tell him not to take his call lightly? Tell him to get back on the field? NO. God sent an angel to bring him food and drink. He rested. He ate. And when he got up? He had energy to walk…40 days. And there? He experienced the PRESENCE of God. (1 Kings 19).

That. There. All I want. The gentle breeze of His presence passing by. His whisper.

And am so thankful for these quiet moments of REST. A week…of nothing…

682) A girls weekend COMPLETE. Thank you to new and old friends who sparkle with His wisdom and joy…I think? We done good.

683)Does anything make you feel stronger, quieter, more humble than picking weeds in the sun? The perfect resolution to a busy weekend.

684) Walking in the woods.

685) So many fun projects (a forest chapel, a flattened garden area, a parking lot and the DRIVEWAY redo). Hurray! Pictures later this week? Till then? Construction ZONE!

686) Thankful for all the help with the kids this weekend! Thank you Michelle, Kaylah, Jerry, Matt, Ash-a-lee, Mamma Fed, Ferg. I promise I am not leaving the house for a long, long time (used up all my babysitters in two days!). So thankful that in this season of busy our kids are still so very well-loved. We know that the blessing of community and family we have is not to be taken for granted.

687) The police officer around these days. So fun.

688) Picnic on the deck with my wee lass this morning. The perfect way to start this week.

And so after a season of MUCH, I begin a season of quiet rest. Knowing that, even though it was A LOT, it was also HIS. That being tired, isn’t a call to quit. It is a call to REST, RENEW, SEEK.


2 thoughts on “Pause

  1. Enjoy! May your phone not ring! I heard, “Owen is sooo cute!!” after care group night last Thursday 🙂 Thanks for sharing your forest.

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