Marriage Letters: I trust you because..

Participating in a letter writing challenge at “the Run A Muck”…”because we believe that when we bless our own marriages, we bless the marriages of others. When you go hard after your marriage, I’m encouraged to go after mine”. Hope this letter serves to inspire you to fight for yours.

This week the challenge is on the concept of ‘trust’. 

Dear Joel,

The truth of the matter is, that I have done most everything in my life for only one year. It started when I was five. Highland dance, ballet, figure skating, softball, jogging, rowing, flute (ok, that was three years), choir, musicals, volleyball…I could go on. Basically, I am a quitter.

So naturally the thing I admire most about you is your steadfastness. The way you stand solid in your love and have always made me feel so dreadfully secure. Though I must confess sometimes I don’t believe it. Because seriously, how do you do that thing where you just never quit stuff? I don’t get it. If I was in charge around here we would have quit everything…And I mean everything. We would’ve started things too I am sure. Exciting things, lots of them. It would be fantastic. And yet.

You keep showing me the fruit of the long haul. Of commitment. Of perseverance. You say that you cannot grow anything good without time. That longevity matters. Thirteen years at one church. Nearly fourteen years of marriage. I am starting to believe you.

I used to think that your steadfastness marked a lack of passion, a lack of the truest love. Now I know better. Fidelity takes a heck of a lot more passion than the alternative.

I trust you because the fact that my heart beats new and fresh, yours has always beat a single beat. A rhythm of faithful.

And somehow? When we became one? My heart started keeping your rhythm.

I hope you can hear it….it beats for only you.



7 thoughts on “Marriage Letters: I trust you because..

  1. Oh, I loved reading this. Honest and still very poetic almost. It gives me such great hope in marriage to read posts like this — to remind me that the short and the long of marriage bring struggles and gifts to your relationship. And like what you’ve said, we may dance to a different beat, but our hearts are in rhythm.

    (on another note) Saw that you went to Kenya with WV earlier this year? Read through a couple of your posts 🙂 I’ve got some stellar friends in the WV Canada office so if you ever need anything, just holler.

    Cheers from the land down under.

  2. I ask that of my husband too – How do you not quit? And I have struggle with thinking his steadfastness was boring, too. Thank goodness he has it. This series of everyone’s marriage letters keeps reminding me there are good men out there (including mine) and that imperfect marriages are a blessing to learn from.

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