Happy Saturday!

This morning I am:

Thinking this is fun.

Reading this. Amazing:

Planning for my favorite night of the year. Let me know if you want to join us…March vanished on me so expect a call from me this weekend if you’ve mentioned wanting to be a part of Generations Night.

Still trying to decide if we should keep the odd couple together. What is your vote?


Dreadfully happy to have a day of no responsibility stretching out before us. I’ve already big plans for a nap later. How are you spending today?

1 thought on “Happy Saturday!

  1. OH, the odd couple are really too cute together!!! I vote yes, especially with weird cougar/cat hybrid out and about. (Although it could be hanging out down by my house by now:)
    Today I get to spend the day with Casey, my little boy from Vernon who is now all grown up and moving into a group home for the very first time!! Big changes for him, so he needed a little comfort from the past. 🙂

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