This weekend…

At this moment I am…

Listening to this:

(Great album fella’s! If you haven’t bought it yet? Find out where to get it here! DO IT! You won’t regret it)

Looking at this:

Nothing better than coffee in hand when sun gets to creeping over horizon...

Thinking on these quotes (from a mother’s letter to her child about her Jesus):

“Fight to love with a passion that is scandalous. Fight that need to compete. Fight the lies that tell you you’re less than what you are. Fight the pride that tells you you’re more than just enough.”

and this from a little later in the piece…

“Follow closely this changing figure, who slips in and out of view. When you think you catch hold of Him, and confident you speak his voice, look again that you’re not clutching a mirror.”

(emphasis mine…Just beautiful Tara…excited to read more from you!)

Buying books and ordering articles to start research for my masters thesis. I am hoping if I write it down here that I won’t chicken out… Start date fall 2013 when Emily starts school full-time.

Featured over here for the next few weeks.

Next? Pecan waffles with Maple Pear sauce and perhaps? Just one more cup of coffee.

LOVING lazy Saturday mornings with my little people tucked in tight beside me.

What about you? What are you loving this weekend morning???? Breathe it in deep and don’t rush away from it

2 thoughts on “This weekend…

  1. My very dear friend just wrote her English PhD from St. Andrews on “story”, I should hook you up! Looks like along the same train of thoughts. She’s amazing… like you!!

    • YES! I am going to do MA in interdisciplinary studies. Specifically, community development/organizing and how story can be an empowerment tool marginalized/high risk teenagers…If that relates I would love to speak with her!!!

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