Blue Sky

Has the sky always been blue like that? It’s too beautiful to have been sitting there all along, millions of us milling around under it with not one shouting praise. The fact that I have ever walked one day without noticing is almost criminal. A sky like that should be remembered, its maker should get some credit.

So much of life is like that you know. Every single day you can choose to notice the extraordinary gifts you are surrounded by. You can also ignore them and walk glumly under piercing sky.

Counting gifts today…

595) Piercing blue after a long cloudy winter

596) Boy telling wild magnificent tales than whispering in my ear “I’m just using my ‘magination”

597) Giddy little girl laughs

598) Great replacement dates for a royals party when I ran out of energy to plan the other one I wanted to have.

599) A date for coffee on the deck when I had thought I was all alone.

600) First dinner on the deck

601) Impromptu picnic

602) Little buddies in the bath

603) Lots of time to get my homework done this weekend (though now my only excuse that I didn’t get it done is my own laziness).

604) Winged wonders

605) This much bliss. This much love.

605) First beach play of the year

606) The little missus is back. She hadn’t been around for a few days and I’m counting on her to give us some ducklings on the pond this spring.

Visit others who keep their eyes wide for the gifts here:

2 thoughts on “Blue Sky

  1. “Every single day you can choose to notice the extraordinary gifts you are surrounded by.” Yes!!!

    I love our Texas skies, too. One appreciates such daily pleasures more after a year of urban smog and not being able to see sky, real sky, at all.

    Glad I popped over from Ann’s today. The Lord bless and keep you!

  2. It’s amazing what we notice when we start to really “see.” And the blue sky is one of those things, isn’t it? I’m glad the winter is past and the warmth of the sun is here again. And even happier when I remember to say thank you!!! It was great to be here today. Thank you for your list and your comments. A real blessing to me!

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