Women Folk

Do your little bit of good where you are;

it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.

– Desmond Tutu

There is a girl who lives at my house now. She isn’t a baby anymore and she is all girl and she sparks to see the reflection in her daddy’s eyes. She is passion and joy this one and strong like an oak tree. I wish I could create a bubble that she can live in so that it would all stay in her heart and not drift off into a world that will break it.

I can’t though. She is here now and she is on this same earth that does bad things to little girls. Even this country, very likely the best to be girl, is selling our daughters to very low bidders. (the following doc is 45 minutes but should you have the time…it might rock your world)

And I am only this woman with big dreams and the woman who can’t pass by a broken down car without stopping and if I do I feel guilty. Boundaries are not my strong suit and if there is opportunity to get my life all mixed up with yours I will try to do it. I carry burdens heavy some days and the only thing that helps is to take my heart in my hands and to do small things. Bake you a cake. Buy you coffee. Marinate you a steak. Clasp hands together in prayer…

And some days it feels like mistake to read the things I do, to watch the things I do. I wish I wasn’t the Captain of the Worst Case Scenario Ship and wish I didn’t always seem to have ‘just heard about that shockingly ugly thing’. But I can’t seem to close my eyes especially not while this little girl who trails behind me has to live around here. I will keep doing small things, keeping my hands busy and my heart soft because this is the way that we find our way to real life. This is the only way I know to try to build a bubble…because the only way to protect her heart is to change the world it lives in.

Giving Circle is heating up around here friends. Join us if you are near. Email if you are far and I will set you up with all the resources to gather women in your home to put hands out to others near and far that are looking for partners in justice. Partners in turning this world upside down. Partners in bringing the ever upside down kingdom closer to home.

(The links section of Giving Circle has been updated if you need to get inspired)

Linking with some bubble builders and story tellers at:

4 thoughts on “Women Folk

  1. This issue stirs my heart as well. I have friends who moved to Hamburg, Germany to minister in the 2nd largest redlight district in Europe. I have in small ways helped them. It is hard not to be overwhelmed at the size of this problem, but I can’t afford to be overwhelmed. They, the MILLIONS of women and children in slavery today, can’t afford for me to be overwhelmed. So (she asks with a little trepidation) what is the Giving Circle?

    • OH YAY! No don’t feel trepidation! Its just very small things. I gather a group of friends together once a month, we spend twenty minutes learning about an issue concerning women somewhere in the world and then we pray and donate what we can. Some months a nickel some months much more. Whatever we can spare or feel motivated by. Sometimes it will be a woman in need in our community that we want to bless, sometimes it will be someone on the other side of the earth. We wrap our love and prayers around the individual. This month I think we are doing a night called http://amnesty.akaraisin.com/common/event/home.aspx?seid=3740&Lang=en-CA
      with Amnesty International. If you want to see more about our little group click on Giving Circle at the top of the page! Thanks for your interest and let me know if you want to be on our mailing list and I can set you up with the resources we use each month and you can host your own group wherever you are!
      Totally enjoy your blog Joybird!!!

  2. I love this. It brings me to tears and I love it. Your heart and your actions speak so very loudly of a deep, deep love.

    Also, ‘Captain of the Worst Case Scenario Ship’…LOVE! 😉

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