Circle Time

My kids don’t sit still. Bedtime has been, most days, the only time the two will simultaneously submit to story-time. Rarely will my son willingly sit down at the table to do anything closely related to crafts, writing or colouring (unless of course I can somehow involve construction…then he will sit for longer periods). Yesterday we slept through preschool (I know it sounds wonderful but it was only because of a strange night of less sleep than newborn phase!).

Anyhooo…..I had it in my head that we would make up for skipping school with our own version so I called them to circle time. My son called me ‘teacher’ and put his imaginary carpet square down and ran to find his show and tell. They sat on the rug for forty-five minutes while we did finger plays, songs, stories and a teaching time about letters. We proceeded to the kitchen table for play dough time which my son participated in until he said “Teacher Melissa, can we please have free time?”

It happened again today. North American animals, a bible study, two songs followed by a dance party.

So lesson learned…All I need to do to get my children to cooperate is pretend I am someone else.

I’ve been on the prowl for some interesting learning links as I prepare for next year. We’ve made the choice to hold O back one more year, but I really want to get the most of our year together.

Anyways…here are some interesting articles/links that have been fun for planning :

An article that helped me decide I felt good about waiting for a year

Does ordering this book make me a hippy?

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Activities

We are doing this April Calender too!

Brain Food
Hey friends…Michelle Marie in particular…Are there any good website that you would recommend? Creative, fun, nature activities? Love to hear thoughts!

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