Friday Funsies

We’ve been raising a ruckus over here today. Daddy is heading out for the week tomorrow and so we jam packed the day with…well nothing except lots of fun and cuddles. Which really are the best kind of days. Speaking of which, I think the world needs more delightful things don’t you? Here are a few of my bright spots this week:

1) Flannery O’Connor. Wow. Hadn’t heard the name until three weeks ago when all three of the books I was reading (this, this and this) mentioned her. I am now obsessed. It is one of those strange moments where I can’t read enough bios and history. I’ve ordered all of her writings (which aren’t a ton as she died young and just when her writing took flight) and I am in LOVE.

2) I got to hold baby Mae on Monday. What a doll. Emily is in LOVE. So am I!

3) I bought this plate for Emily at I can’t wait to put food on it each meal. So cute.

4) Reading this out loud to my kids and thinking there is nothing new under the sun.

Lines Scribbled on an Envelope While Riding the 104 Broadway Bus
By Madeline L’Engle

There is too much pain
I cannot understand
I cannot pray
I cannot pray for all the little ones with bellies bloated by starvation in India;
for all the angry Africans striving to be separate in a world struggling for wholeness;
for all the young Chinese men and women taught that hatred and killing are good and compassion evil;
or even all the frightened people in my own city looking for truth in pot or acid.

Here I am
and the ugly man with beery breath beside me reminds me that it is not my prayers that waken your concern, my Lord;
my prayers, my intercessions are not to ask for your love
for all your lost and lonely ones,
your sick and sinning souls,
but mine, my love, my acceptance of your love.
Your love for the woman sticking her umbrella and her expensive parcels into my ribs and snarling, “Why don’t you wants where you are going?”
Your love for the long-haired, gum chewing boy who shoves the old lady aside to grab a seat,
Your love for me, too, too tired to look with love,
to tired to look at Love, at you, in every person on the bus.
Expand my love, Lord, so I can help to bear the pain,

the corrupt policeman with his hand open for graft,
the addict, the derelict, the woman in the mink coat and discontented mouth,
the high school girl with heavy books and frightened eyes.

Help me through these scandalous particulars
to understand
your love.

Help me to pray.

5) Petty I know…but some people have asked…here are the photos of our new home.

6) Dinner with my brother and his family and watching sweet Nene dance and sing.

7) Lunch with a dear old friend. She asks good questions and she listens well and I always talk to much. She makes me want to be wise and passionate.

How about you??? I would love to hear the beauty spots of your week!

3 thoughts on “Friday Funsies

  1. I LOVE both Flannery and Madeleine L’engle. Flannery writes shocking short stories and I often feel like Madeleine speaks words that my heart doesn’t know what to speak. I just read the story she wrote about her marriage called “Two-Part Invention”. It’s a beautiful story of heart-ache, love, and perseverance.

  2. it was because of flannery o’ connor that i knew my husband was “the one.” so glad that you’ve found her — she won’t disappoint. also: Bird by Bird is a must … you’ve got good books keeping you company, friend.

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