I feel most loved when…

When the sun kisses my lips when I am just waking up. When spring breeze whispers sweet nothings in my ears as it rustles the pine trees. I feel His love when I am five feet under clear blue and water caresses skin.

I feel most loved when small hands take hold of my face in the night and whisper secrets. When husband watches me across crowded rooms or when I hear him talk about our family. When love incarnate of my family gathers in tight, pile on the couch to read. When we work side by side to build for our family. When we push other things aside to make space for each other the way we really are and the way we remember each other before kids, ministry and LIFE struck…

These are the things that remind that I am loved.

How about you? What does love look like to you?


Joining in Gypsy Mamma 5 Minute Writing Prompt…

4 thoughts on “I feel most loved when…

  1. You had me at the natural light photo. I could written this, but I didn’t. Is doesn’t get much better than catching your man watching you from across the room. I always melt when this happens to me.

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