Funsies in February

These February days are stretching long. Today was declared the last day of winter at our house. That meant we could indulge one more time in the things that have defined the winter of 2011…too much tv (as we’ve been so ill), afternoon naps (for all but me, who is sitting here at the computer),  pancakes and more bickering than should be allowed. Tomorrow we start fresh and though this lion is prowling and growling we trust that March’s lamb will come sooner than later and we will again spend dawn to dusk exploring.

512) All three of my beloveds tucked in and napping….and not crying or pushing or fighting (Joel wasn’t involved)

513) Tea with the prayer shield ladies and being SO inspired…what a blessing and honour these women are.

514) Reminded I am “Chosen’.

515) Purple shag area rug. Yup you heard me. Cabin fever you say? Maybe.

516) Date night with my boy to sweet nephews birthday party and a going away party for one of colleagues.

517) Amazing uncles for my kids. Little E might have these men wrapped around her finger too. One bought her a doll because “he couldn’t believe how it looked like here” and another went to the mall two days in a row to buy her fashionable boots!

518) Pappas who fix beloved ‘action figure’ (aka Jesse Doll) heads.

519) Little boys who startle me with gigantic kisses when I am reading and when thanked wave their hand and say “any time”.

520) Getting asked on a date by my sweet niece

521) Fearless little girl

(yes she is petting a Caimen…and yes she budged in front of all the other kids but I was still proud of her!)

522) Big brother, holding little sister back

523) An amazing pre school teacher that challenges my boy in all the right ways! He really didn’t want to feed this tortoise…

But he did it!!!

523) Serious highlight of the Grammy awards (which I didn’t watch, but youtubed a bunch the other day!). Two of my current favorites with Bob Dylan. I love watching dreams come true and I imagine the Grammy stage with Bob would be IT for these dudes.

524) Skype date with our dear missionary friends, who by the way, are in need of more monthly support. Might you consider helping them out? They are doing really cool stuff! Check out Ministry of the Aylard\’s.

525) Play Dough menagerie…

526) Feeling ready to take on the rest of today. Thanks for napping everyone…and thanks for inspiration to count blessings even on tiring days dear Ann.

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