Patches of light

Winter has been feeling a little long lately. The children have been ill so much, the air has been chilly, the sky fog filled. This week though, we moved from darkness to light in so many ways. The moon hung in the sky and that sky stayed blue all night long. I curled my body into its beam in the night and when morning arrived I sat with book in sun rays on my bed again. It felt GOOD. Even littles are a bit ‘cabin fevered’ and both donned their swimwear to swim around in the sun patches.

Join me in seeking bright spots in other parts of life won’t you?

500) Faint hope for spring

501) An absolutely phenomenal church family that pulls  together every year to put on this youth conference.So much of our volunteer team have been with us since the beginning of this thing. Amazing folks.

502) My husband. Oh I love him. I’m so happy he is home and tucked into bed after he worked so hard to put on the above event!

503) This…

We had phenomenal artists again this year. New and amazing (!!!!!!), with us from the start and always our favorites, a fantastic worship team (also old friends of our youth ministry). My friend Jennifer played main stage too and rocked the house!!!

504) Winter walks in the sun.

505) The moon nestled in a nest of clouds and littles as overwhelmed with the beauty as I.

506) Little girl holding face in the night and whispering “we best fwiends”. Little boy eating bowl after bowl of squash soup and saying “this soup is the best I ever had. It is so delicious. Thank you for making this for me!”. Be still my heart.

507) New babysitters in the ‘hood.

508) Tea with a dear one

509) Those prayer warriors holding us up like puppeteers.

510) Finding little girl bathed in her bed too

511) A day off to talk about bright spots of the weekend past…

Joining others here:

3 thoughts on “Patches of light

  1. oh, melissa, that bathing suits photo does my heart good. mine sported galoshes and underoos for some warm-weather puddle jumping the other day, and i’ve got spring fever like no other.

    also: totally didn’t put it together that your husband works with youth. mine too (well — used to). will have to email soon…

  2. How happy I am to have found a fellow Melissa through Ann’s site! This is my first Monday of giving thanks with you ladies, and I am tremendously blessed to read what you all, my sisters, have to say! Your blog is beautiful. I will be reading!

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