Funsies: We MISS Kara Edition

Kara went to Uganda.

We miss her.

Like… BAD.

Last night we went out on the town, after a long, cold, sickly winter we splurged a little (ok a lot) and had a luxurious girls night. Normally, Kara would be in the midst of this group and so it felt wrong to go without her.

So she came along…

Kara loves herself some hummus and pita.

She preferred the white to the red (though we know it is the opposite in real life).

She got lots of hugs (from a strange horse-faced woman).

She really enjoyed the “Kings Speech”. I have no idea what Rochelle and Lisa are up to here. But I know its awesome.

Here is another beaut. We are talking about something really disturbing like poverty or world hunger. Well that…or breast implants.

We love you Kara Aylard.

(You also really enjoyed Lisas crumble and lots of kisses from Rochelle).

4 thoughts on “Funsies: We MISS Kara Edition

    • You are the BEST. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I don’t know if my tears were from laughing or crying. Thanks for not forgetting me. XOXO.

  1. You shan’t be forgotten Miss Kara! Melis you are so fun, it was wonderful spending time with you and the girls. Let’s not make it so long next time…

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