Calorie Counters Beware

We’ve been sick for ages over her. The baby girl has been ill for one full week which has meant that I can’t put her down. Not even for a moment. Not to make coffee and certainly not to make dinner. So we’ve not really had dinner for awhile over here. I start to get a little irritated when I don’t get to cook for a while. Last night Emily turned a corner and asked to snuggle daddy instead of me. YES! I can cook something!!!

Currently our family has a slight obsession with gnocchi. This summer in Geneva, I sat in a cobblestone street and ate the most delicious meal ever. Gnocchi with scallops and mushrooms…Oy.

About to eat the most delicious meal...


Perhaps it was the atmosphere. I was pretty thrilled to be sitting there, but I am still quite certain it was the most delicious meal I’ve ever had. I’ve been trying to recreate it ever since! Last night I got the closest yet. You know it is good when my husband brings the leftovers into the living room at 9 pm and finishes the bowl.


My dear sister-in-law has this fantastic habit of buying me interesting and wonderful cooking additions. Things I would never buy for myself. Most recently she bought me truffle oil. It may have been what turned the corner on this recipe!

I heated the oil (smells SO good), then added a few cloves of garlic. Next I added the scallops and the mushrooms.

Stir fried them until cooked through.

Added fresh parsley.

Added a splash of cream.

Added a splash of white wine.

Added lots of grated parmesan.

Added the cooked gnocchi. Heat through and serve.

I served with balsamic marinated tomatoes, roasted asparagus and foccacia bread. It was so good to have a good dinner together! Finally!

Next Mr. O and I are trying this. We watched it on her show yesterday and he was fascinated by the prospect!

What is the best recipe you tried out this week??? I would love ideas for tonight!

1 thought on “Calorie Counters Beware

  1. Oh my yumminess! I never try anything that amazing. I cooked a turkey on the weekend (Christmas sales), so we could eat leftovers all week. Turkey enchiladas with goat cheese, salsa and cheddar thrown together in a grainy tortilla was really yummy! Tonight is pork button ribs in the slow cooker.

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