Dearest Ms. E,

I am amazed by you these days darling girl. You close my throat up tight several times a day. You with your gentle voice and sweet words. Most often we hear you whisper ‘soweeee’ and cuddle in tight for a ‘tiss’ and ‘hug’, or other sweet words like ‘Owie funny’  and ‘see daddy’. You who kisses me wake whenever I close my eyes on the couch. You who hold my face with both hands as we cuddle in the night, redeeming sleepless with shared breath. You who run till you fall breathless, laugh till you can’t stand back up. You who are becoming a great date and who just today enchanted a whole restaurant with your ‘hot totoa pees’. You the joy bringer who makes us weak in the knees. You with the always ready smile, unfailable hug for big brother when he gets hurt, you with the tender heart.

And though you are nearly chalk full of sugar…I won’t ever forget the spice. Oh you little tamale. You with your single mind. You with your never-back-down determination. You with your ferocious ‘stranger growls’ and hesitation to share. You who motions with hand in air when frustrated and says ‘hit’…though thankfully you don’t bring it down on flesh. You with your side long glances and smirks…there is trouble in you. You are two…through and through.

We are completely enchanted with you Ms. E. You are breaking hearts already…in the very best way. My heart is broken wide for you…its all yours.

Love you to the moon and back,


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