Country Chronicles

Slowly getting organized in the cabin in the woods. Can hardly believe we get to live here. I am moving from window to window and gazing at the spectacular views. I sat down today in the midst of the mess of boxes I’ve yet to unpack, right smack dab in the midst of a shredded styrofoam box and I sipped my coffee. I feel at home here already.

I’m not able to sit down and write much in the midst of the mess, but wanted you to know I’m still alive…deliriously happy here.

Hope to get the blog going soon, I miss you!

1 thought on “Country Chronicles

  1. so THIS is why you haven’t popped up in my reader… glad to have found you again, friend. We are considering moving the Banebow site to WordPress and i’m convinced i will be totally lost. Is the learning curve steep?

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