To Stop…And smell the Roses.

I was late today…it seems to happen a lot these days.

In the entrance to my grocery store an elderly woman rested on the seat of her walker. We made eye contact and both smiled broadly.

“This is the best place to be today” she whispered, quieted by her awe. I nodded,

“It is a nearly perfect day. At my home I noticed the wild roses have bloomed and the air is thick with scent”

“Oh! Did you find any of the dark pink ones? I always fill a vase when I do. The light ones are always covered in spiders. If you find the dark ones, promise you will bring it inside?”

Of course. Of course. But I am fairly certain we just have the classic wood roses.

Inside I meet an old acquaintance. Her son was the one who would only stay at kids camp if “the lady who makes me smile big” was there. So anyways I fell in forever love with everybody as I am prone to.

At the till, the woman in front of me noticed the sugar bag,

“Oh! Is it jam season already?”

“It could be I suppose, the strawberries at Bilgas are delicious…but this is just for my hummingbirds”

Her eyes lit up,

“I know this! Once every few months I wrestle the 35 pound bag of bird seed out of Canadian Tire, on to the bus, into my patio. I look for a strong man to help me but all I ever find are young women who look more frail then me”

I told her about my great gray owl, how he usually returns in April but this year just arrived this week. I told her how worried I was about him. She understood that and told me about the Merlins, the ducks, how she listens for her horned owl to return, how she runs outside in her pajamas if the birds are in the yard before she can fill the feeder.

I took my puppy for a walk tonight. Wouldn’t you know it? There, just on the hill where my Samwise died – a rose in the deepest pink- not a spider in sight.

I am not sure why I am telling you all of this except to say that I had a great time at Coopers today. It really is something to stop and smell the flowers.

2 thoughts on “To Stop…And smell the Roses.

  1. This reminds me of my Monday Melissa. We took Audrey to the hospital for an ultrasound. While waiting for her I sat by an older lady…and started knitting on my sock. She said she knit a lot through the years but had stopped recently. “ you don’t knit right,” she said. “It goes much faster if you wrap it around your finger. How many needles? “. I told her four. She used five, but liked my gold needles and the colour of my yarn. Her name was Polly and she was proud to be 92. She still lives to help people, because when she goes she is not taking anything with her, so she will give it away now. She was delightful, and made my day. ❤️ Our conversation was much longer…I loved meeting her.

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