I sat with my eyes full of tears for more then an hour today. I watched sisters and brothers fully empowered, fully equipped by the God of the universe. I watched them bless us all by operating out of their gifting. By the simple fact that they stopped ripping off the rest of us and stepped up in obedience.


Yah. You heard me. If you aren’t stepping up and into the gifting God has given you; You are ripping us off. You are stealing from the church. To be honest I think it is worse then reaching into the tithe box.

You were gifted not for your own tiny kingdom. You are gift to planet earth and you have a task.


My husband preached the house down this weekend. He would be stealing if he didn’t make the sacrifices he does to serve this community. I would be stealing if I did not free him to do it.


As blessed as I am by people stepping into their gifts; I have seen the opposite too. I have seen God pour out this reckless blessing, miraculous gifting into a man who refused to walk in it. Do you know what happens? God takes it back.

It isn’t that he is punishing you. It is that this gift is for HIS glory. Not yours.

The world is waiting for you to move with the power of your gift. With His spirit alive and active. With your pride surrendered and your motivation lazer focused.

Walking in your gift is not easy. It is blessed.

It is not without opposition. It is with triumph.

I have felt the torture of stepping out of my place. Of stepping out when I know I was called to step in.

The beauty is that you can always step back in.

We can’t wait for it. We dare you to move.


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  1. Powerful and timely word. It seems you’ve opened my eyes to the thief in me disguising herself as timid and careful. The more I read your blog the more I hope that one day we can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea and a long conversation.

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