On Hope

wpid-wp-1443367558392.jpegWell hello. Are you still there?

I am and I’ve missed you.

If you want to know the truth, here it is- my emotions have been a bit too raw to stand up and say ‘this I know’ even though I do.

This summer  set me on the edge of life and death and forced me to peak over. I knew what the bottom held but still, I didn’t want anyone to go over. We miss them don’t we?

I guess you can know, I stopped at traffic lights and cried sometimes. I had to stop reading the news. There are things we cannot understand, answers we don’t get to know.

I’ve healed now enough not to weep at the kind words of a friend or even the commercials on TV. I don’t blog when the wounds are raw. I want to show you all my scars well healed, the strength in my spirit healed flesh.

So here, this is the truth I know for sure:

Life can be just so painful. Hope does not disappoint and we are never alone…not once.

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