A Blessing For the Hectic Heart


All of April, I felt a bit like a kid on a merry-go-round who has been spun entirely too fast. Our crap was flying every which way and I was creeping near the edge. Now it is May. Watch me…hand over hand…creep towards the Centre…find me there where all the forces are held in balance by the One who hung the stars.

I was carrying your burden heavy on my broken heart.

I was allowing your pace to infect my plans. Your vision to dominate my view.

I was allowing my pace to quicken under the weight I kept lifting, thinking I could handle every speck of it.

It reminds me of a yoke I once wore.

But no. I won’t go back.

Instead, I will listen to the Pacific Chorus Frogs as they sing me to sleep, smell the wind through my metal screen as I finally still at night. I will let the wind in the pine trees blow and I will think about my smallness. I will rest as one who knows my God is Sovereign.


We begin…with extravagant picnic in the woods.

If you are tired, like you think there is no cure, I promise you there is…

This blessing is for you…


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